Natural Wasp Control

Last year I had a wasp problem. Weeding I kept stumbling upon nests and getting stung 5 times at once. It was not good. I lost a lot of sleep to allergic reactions.

We’ve also had several parties that wasps crashed.

So, I started buying the black wasp spray and taking out nests. But:

  • I really hate using chemicals
  • The chemicals tend to spray back into my eyes
  • Any wasps that don’t die can recolonize the nest the next day
  • The cans are expensive when you have dozens of nests

We were moving out of the house we were renting, and the landlord had sent out an exterminator. I noticed rather than using any sort of chemicals he was using a long pole with a puff on the end to get rid of wasps.

This year I looked it up and got one for myself. They’re called cobweb dusters – and also work great for dusting cobwebs inside your house.

Cobweb duster

I take mine out around dusk and just press the duster firmly against the wasp nest, scraping it off. I wait a second and then just move enough that the nest and wasps can drop. I stay still for a few seconds and usually the wasps just fly away.

It’s very quick and easy.

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