This morning started out rocking and rolling. I got a fair amount of granite and cloth in place. My neighbors have convinced me to use the “contractor grade” landscape fabric, and I’ve got to say it already seems to be much heavier than the black stuff. It lays flat when you work with it. It’s really tough. I can roll a wheelbarrow over it. Seems to be good stuff. Anyway, I got a bit of the yard done when those same neighbors came over to talk to my daughters. I was talking about what a pain the hills were going to be with the steel edging and George told me I needed a retaining wall.
I spent about an hour grumbling in my head that I didn’t need a retaining wall, before realizing that really the retaining wall was pretty much necessary and would solve my hill problems. So when my dad got over we got to work and built the wall in 3 hours with brick from my backyard. We all think it looks great. And Julie’s really liking how the yard looks with the granite. It just makes everything pop. Especially the rose bushes.
So tomorrow hopefully we’ll rock and roll and get the rest of the edging in place, and crossing my fingers the rest of the granite. I think with my Dad laying the fabric and spreading it we’ll get it done quick. 

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