A New Path

The pool we’ve been putting in is pretty much done. But we can’t swim yet, and everything is still a mess. It’s juxtaposed with all the flowers, birds, and insects enjoying this lovely spring.

We were going to start adding in flowerbeds today. But Julie stopped me and pointed out my vision for brick planter walls wasn’t aligned with her vision for a path to the pool. So we discussed the pool path.

It wasn’t what we planed to get done today, but we both think it looks fantastic. We’re having buffalo grass delivered tomorrow that will fill in most of this area and be in between the pavers.

From the pool deck:

The bricks ides aren’t quite lined up properly, but you can see the yuccas on either side look like we almost intended a path there when we planted them.

And looking towards the house. I really like the green of the yucca with the navy paint.

We’d eventually like a bathroom inside that pink door so this path is pretty important to that vision.

Everything needs a pressure wash, though… ergh. Also if you ever think about buying pre-cast concrete pavers they’re very hard to line up because they’re only vaguely the same size. It’s one of those cases where you have to be exact up until the moment you have to eyeball it to make it look sane.

You may recognize these pavers from the initial xeric conversion of the front yard.

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