Weeding Gayfeather

One of the things that I think can be a struggle for every native plant gardener is “what to weed”. We want our wildflowers to spread, but not our weeds. As part of that I thought I’d try to start doing comparisons. It’ll help me remember and maybe someone else.

I’m going to start with Gayfeather. It’s a plant you usually have to leave until fall before you see blooms so there are lots of opportunities to accidentally weed it.

I have two other plants in my yard that look like it. Here are the three:




Gayfeather’s leaves are very distinct and separated from one another.

In Horseweed the leaves are tightly packed.

Ragweed is apparently an artemesia and definitely has those delicate lace-like leaves. I find that when it’s short its color makes it blend in with Greg’s Mistflower.

Please excuse the pictures, but hopefully this is a helpful comparison.

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