Fixing a Rain Barrel

A few (or six) years back I bought some plastic rain barrels. They had nice little planters in the top. For a while I had succulents growing in them.

A garden gnome surrounded by green succulents.

But the freeze and this summer killed off the succulents. And then the lid started failing. Turns out having 50 pounds of granite and mulch on a plastic lid might be bit much.

Rain barrel with a failing top. Work overseen in the distance by a small garden gnome.

So I scooped out all the mulch and dirt, and took a saw to remove the old top.

I put screws along the edge, and ordered a mesh draw string netting off of Amazon. I tightened the drawstring around the screws and everything is in place.

Hopefully I’ll get a few more years out of this barrel. We’ll see how it holds up when the rains come back.

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